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What is A.H.A.V.A.?
student of A.H.A.V.A. program for English literacy in Israel


A.H.A.V.A. – English Learned in a Natural Method – is the only non-profit organization in Israel dedicated solely to English literacy promotion among disadvantaged children, especially those living in geographically and socially peripheral areas of the country.

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Why is English literacy so important in Israel?

Shira is 15. Shes dreamt of being a doctor since she was seven. Shira is an excellent student, but her school only offers limited hours of English education. As a result, her English is not strong enough to pass the English matriculation exam. Shira cannot even apply to medical school. Her mother, a teachers aide, and her father, a janitor, struggling to make ends meet, are disappointed.

They want a better future for their daughter.

Fact: Last year, less than half of all eligible 12th graders even attempted the English matriculation exam to receive a high school diploma. In fact, less than half of all high school students pursue college degrees - 32% of Jewish Israelis, and 11% of Arab Israelis.

Alisas mother is a daycare worker and her father is a truck driver. They live in temporary housing and constantly struggle with debt. Yet her mother was determined that Alisa have more future educational options that the system offers. Alisa has been enrolled in A.H.A.V.A. programming since she was six. Today she takes classes with native English speakers.

Fact: Israel is the developed country with the highest percentage of children below the poverty line.
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Gaila Cohen Morrison, AHAVA director, and student

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