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Ben's Toys

One of A.H.A.V.A.'s most successful methods for effectively teaching English utilizes toys and uniquely designed games during the lessons. Some of these games are specially designed by the A.H.A.V.A. faculty, and some are off-the-shelf toys purchased from stores which fit (or are adapted to meet) our educational needs.

By incorporating toys in a language session, we are able to create a more realistic atmosphere for the student. For example, when teaching words related to foods, the teacher can enact restaurant and picnic scenes together with the students, using plastic fruit and other appropriate props. Similarly, students act out "go to the zoo" using small plastic animals, and "go shopping at the mall" with baby clothing and miniature furniture.

Ben's Toys is a special memorial fund created by A.H.A.V.A. in honor of Benjamin Blutstein, z"l. Ben was a bright young man who had earned a BA in Judaic studies from Dickinson College, PA, and was studying in Jerusalem to be a Jewish educator. His life was tragically cut short by a terrorist's bomb in the Hebrew University cafeteria on July 31, 2002.

Ben loved children and enjoyed interacting with them, so we felt the most appropriate way to remember Ben would be through a fund for children's educational toys.

Please contact us to contribute to this unique fund and honor Ben Blutsteinís memory at that same time.

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